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Join Groundwork's partnership program and receive discounts, tools, and rewards to expand your business.

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Earn more per customer.

Invite three paying customers to the Groundwork platform and reach the first volume discount that puts more money in your pocket.

Volume Discounts
Free Website

Free Website

Your business and loyalty includes great rewards.

Partners who sign up ten new customers to the Groundwork Platform will get a custom website designed and built. Free for as long as they have ten customers or more.

Exclusive Previews

Be the first to hear about and experience what's new.

The Groundwork Platform is constantly improving with new features and functionality. As a partner, you'll get first access to it all, for free, before launch.

Exclusive Previews

Friends with Benefits

At Groundwork, we believe our success should always be linked to your success.

You Invoice Customers

You've got the relationship and history with your customers so it should be your name on the invoice, not ours.

Pipeline Support

We can provide a technical presence for sales calls or meetings and work alongside you to craft RFPs (request for proposal).

Project Management Support

We'll hook you up with the tools we use and fill you in on some of our best practices so you and your customers succeed.

Tier Two Support

You take care of your customers and we'll take care of you. Send us any technical or development issue you can't answer or fix.

Ongoing Training

Groundwork's team regularly hosts training webinars and workshops to upskill and inform on new technology and trends. 

Marketing Resources

Groundwork's team will work with you to craft branded marketing resources you can share with your leads and existing customers.

Priority feature input

Need a starting point for a specific industry vertical or have a unique feature request? We'll take on board your ideas first.

Hand-Off Optional

Want Groundwork to take care of everything? Traditional referral arrangements are also available.

Sir Speedy Midway

Sir Speedy Midway has been working with Groundwork since 2013 offering their customers web design and development services. The advantage to Sir Speedy’s customers is that they are able to sole source a number of products and services. With a single point of contact, Sir Speedy’s customers can focus on doing what they do well, while Sir Speedy and Groundwork set them up with an amazing online presence.

"I've been a part of many website builds before but working with Groundwork has been a real pleasure. They understand websites on multiple levels and have brought ideas to the table I never would have thought of. I highly recommend that you drop what you're doing right now, and call Groundwork about your next website project."

Phillip Crum, Sir Speedy Printing (Midway, TX)