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Custom Website Design

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Groundwork's custom websites begin with a full discovery and design process, decide on functionality, and integrate custom features. Enjoy fully managed hosting, unlimited technical support, two content support tickets per month and ongoing advice and expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Charge An Upfront Fee?

Nope! However, no work will begin until you've signed your letter of agreement and your first month's payment has been received.

Can I add my own features?

Yes you can! The Groundwork Platform is built on top of WordPress. WordPress is built in a modular way that makes adding and removing your own features and functionality (usually through plugins) a very simple process.

There is a caveat to that, while we work hard to ensure our platform is designed and developed with best practices in mind, others may not. As such, a plugin or any other code you add to the site may not work and could cause errors with your site.

If you choose to add new features or functionality (either through adding code to a theme or adding a plugin), you are responsible for any damage or downtime it may cause. 

We can jump in to support you but that will be subject to our regular hourly rate.

What's included in managed hosting?

Managed hosting includes:

  1. 25,000 Monthly Visits

  2. 10GB Disk

  3. 500GB Bandwidth

  4. SSL (included)

  5. CDN (+$10/mo)

  6. Multisite (+$10/mo)

  7. Staging sites (included)

What is a content support ticket?

A content support ticket is specific to the design of a website. There are some limitations to how these content support tickets can be used:

  1. These tickets cannot be rolled over into the next calendar month.
  2. One ticket should be submitted per request. Multiple requests in one ticket will be considered multiple tickets.

Examples of content support tickets are:

  1. Adding a new page within an existing template (i.e. "use the about us template")
  2. Adding images / other media (including resizing and optimizing original artwork)
  3. Adding a new blog post with images provided
  4. Making some straightforward text edits
  5. Generally, content support tickets will be up to one hour of total work
What is a tech support ticket?

A technical support ticket is something that is specific to the operations of a website. There are no limits placed on the number of technical support tickets that may be submitted during a calendar month.

Examples of support tickets are:

  1. "My site is broken"
  2. A page isn't showing up properly
  3. The contact form isn't working
  4. I'm not receiving email notifications from the website
  5. The site seems to be loading slowly
  6. I can't upload anything to the site
  7. The changes made aren't showing up
Are there any limits in place for customers?

Yes. Unlimited is not a sustainable business model and we think that if we're your online partner, you'd like us to be sustainable for a while! So, we do have a variety of limits in place.

These limits are around total monthly content support tickets, hosting bandwidth/disk space, the total number of managed pages, etc.  As your site grows the costs to manage the site grow as well. We'll send you full details on what that looks like when you request a proposal.

What's in the Groundwork Feature Suite?

The Groundwork Feature Suite includes a number of modules that'll help you accelerate your growth. The suite includes:

  • Newsletters
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • SEO Optimizer
What's in the eCommerce Suite?

The eCommerce Suite includes all the tools you need to get a shop going on your site. It includes:

  • Core eCommerce Module
  • Payment Gateways (PayPal, Stripe)
  • Booking Module
  • Course Module
  • Subscriptions Module
  • Drip Email Module
What's included with eCommerce setup?

eCommerce setup includes installation of all the modules required for your website. This includes SSL certificate, payment gateways, core eCommerce module, etc. We will test the entire flow to make sure it all works (including receipts and confirmations, etc.).

It does not include adding in your products, writing/designing your customer emails, customizing eCommerce layouts, etc.

What is custom feature integration?

Custom feature integration involves understanding the needs of your project, customizing and then implementing any off-the-shelf plugin required.  

For example, if your website required the ability to add job openings, our team would install the appropriate plugin, customize the design and layout to match the rest of the site and ensure that the implementation was to your specifications.

This does not include any feature that needs to be created from scratch.

What's included with custom eCommerce setup?

Custom eCommerce setup includes everything in eCommerce setup with the added step of design and development to ensure the layout, look and feel of the entire shop matches the rest of the website.

For example, if there are elements of the product archive page that you want changed, that would be included as part of custom eCommerce setup.

Do you offer any volume discounts or annual payment options?

Yes! For those in our partner program we have volume discounts available with the first tier set at three websites.

There is a discount of 10% if you pay annually.